Cinderella (2015)

Other people with whom I am friends and who also have written reviews of this film: I was determined to write my review without any brain-clutter happening from others’ opinions. Not that I disregard your opinions, because I will actually be quite happy to find them out — I just want to present my review […]

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Little Letters, Edition Five

Phew…been a while since I’ve done one of these — as in, eighteen months!? What!? Okay. Yeah. Better get going…. Dear Hallmark, I’ve loved you for your adorable — albeit cheesy — romance storylines and I will continue to. But I had no idea you had it in you to make something as great as […]

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Drafting Process // Vol. III

It strikes me that I am posting this for my benefit, not for yours. The idea with this third volume is to go in baby steps and force myself to stick to them. THE COMPOSTING STAGE 1) Make a VERY UNDETAILED list about the plot and story order. I keep getting into too much detail […]

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Merlin, Season One

Hashtag been gone about forty days now. I don’t really mean to be delinquent. Just seems that I either have nothing I want to say oooooooooor I haven’t been reading a lot lately. WELL, I did get the chance to watch the first season/series/whatever-you-call-it-based-on-if-you’re-British-or-American of BBC’s Merlin, so I wanted to review that for you […]

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